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Products of Nature
Sylvester Quality Meats was rooted in 2007 to fill a void in our local market for custom butchered meat that can be tracked to its source. In a culture of fast foods, we delight in an environment where you can interact with our knowledgeable butchers who have combined experience of 61 years behind the saw to assure our customers receive only the finest products available. As a patron of SQM you're able to custom order cuts, whole or halves of beef and pork just the way you want it. We service walk-in costumers, wholesale meat orders for restaurants, supermarkets, farmers markets, institutions, hotels and everything in between! All cuts are vacuum packed and labeled for optimal freshness and your convenience in our own USDA approved manufacturing plant. We pride ourselves in the quality of products we offer and our goal is to produce and maintain a high standard product for our consumers. With our spacious facility and strict standard for cleanliness we adequately handle all livestock safely and humanely.  Our brand new 2,032 square feet, ample powered hanging cooler will hold over 50 head of beef with plenty of room for swine, lamb and goats. Therefore we are able to properly age meat the way it should be.
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Sylvester Quality Meats ®
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-A CUT ABOVE THE REST  at Sylvester Quality Meats  you are sure to ALWAYS  get your own meat back... From beef down to venison we are adamant about never mixing your meat with another. If you have a 200lb batch of grind or an 8lb batch of grind, it will always be made separately.  We understand the importance of  raising or cleaning your animal the way you want to eat it.