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Our fees are arranged to off set the cost of the aging process. The average hang time is 14 days. 
Beef 500 lbs. or less hanging weight will be charged a flat fee of $375.00 (regular cut)
Beef 501 lbs. and over hanging weight will be charged $40.00 butcher/disposal fee plus $0.65 per lb. hanging weight for processing (regular cut)
Sandwich Steak - Stew Meat or Canning Meat = $1.00 per lb.  

Ground Beef Patties 20 lb. minimum $1.00 per lb. (any other ground meat in vacuum bags will be an additional $.25 per bag)
Chuck - Chuck Roast / Chuck Steak / Brisket / Soup Bone

Rib - Rib Steak / Delmonico (rib-eye) / Rib Roast / Short Ribs

Round - Round Roast (eye, top, bottom, tip) / Round Steak / London Broil / Stew Meat / Canning Meat

Loin - NY Strip Steak / Tender Loin Fillet / T-Bone Steak / Porterhouse Steak / Sirloin Steak

Ground Meat - Bulk or Patties

Beef Snack Sticks (15 lb. minimum) $3.00 per lb.   (example: 1 batch = $45.00)

Summer Sausage 2.5" casings 13 lbs. of beef = 20 lb. yield @ $4.50 per lb.   (example: 1 batch = $90.00)

Choice of Seasonings... (HY) Hickory - (P) Pepper - (PG) Pepper Garlic - (O) Original - (MES) Mesquite - (JAL) Jalapeno
                                       (HB) Hunters Blend
Hogs will be a $30.00 butcher/disposal fee plus $0.65 per lb. hanging weight for processing

Pork Butt - Pork Butt or Shoulder Roast / Shoulder Steaks

Picinic - Roast (smoked or fresh)

Loin - Pork Chops / Loin End Roast / Whole Loin

Ham - Whole Ham / Sliced Ham / Sandwich Ham 

Bacon - Smoked Bacon / Fresh Side Pork 

Sausage - Bulk = $.50 per lb.   additional $1.00 per lb. links or patties

Maple Sausage - Bulk = $.75 per lb.   additional $1.00 per lb. links or patties

Smoke Meat Fee = $.85 per lb.

Lamb and Goat under 70lbs will be a flat fee of $85.00

Veal under 300lbs. will be a flat fee of $225.00

All rendering fees are included in the above costs

All meat is frozen, boxed and ready for you to pick up!
It is your responsibility to provide cutting instructions for your animal or your customers animal before it is processed. Otherwise, it will be given our "standard cut". We hang beef for 14 days and hogs for 7 days. Make sure to have cutting instructions to us before or within 4 days after animal drop off.  We have multiple options to do so:
-Fill out and submit online  
-Print and bring along with you
-Give us a call at 814-367-5803
-Stop in and see us when you drop your animal off